Name Server
DNS Name Server Setup
What Is A Name Server?

The internet uses a Domain Name System (DNS) this is how computers connect to each other to exchange information. When someone wants to visit a website the user must type in an address in plain English. The DNS translates the address into a series of numbers. This called an IP address. The IP address marks the location of a computer on the internet much like a house street address marks the location of where you live. The Name Server will resolve the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) with the proper IP address. It will send a true response back to the users computer and the server will send the web page the user requested back to their web browser.

Name Server Setup
1. Login to your control panel provided by your domain registrar.
2. Select the domain that you wish to change.
3. Select the option to change Name Server and or DNS
4. Transfer the domain to one of the following Name Servers.
  Primary Server:
  Secondary Server:
5. Select save.
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